Julie receiving 2017 Transforming Lives Award
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Employee Giving Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club

September 14, 2017

PREMIER Employees: Committed to Community

Impacting lives doesn’t take a lifetime of service—only the willingness to help. In the beginning, PREMIER Bankcard employee Julie was uncertain about how she could serve her community.

“I had never done any volunteering before working at PREMIER,” Julie said, “but I can’t begin to put numbers to how many lives I’ve touched.”

As a board member for the Watertown Boys & Girls Club, she has been making more of an impact than she ever thought possible and has recently been recognized in multiple ways for her service.

Julie was presented with the 2017 Transforming Lives Award at the organization’s board meeting in January, which recognizes “outstanding contributions by a board member who selflessly gives back as an advocate for the organizational mission.” She was also named the Outstanding Board Member for the Great Plains Council at the Boys & Girls Club conference, which covers a three state area.

Her volunteer experience started in 2004, in a Watertown elementary school’s mentoring program. She participated at the suggestion of a supervisor, despite some initial hesitation.

“I thought, I don’t have kids. How can I be any good at mentoring them?” she said. “But after the first couple of times, I realized I was making a difference.”

Then, in 2009, Julie started working with the Watertown Boys & Girls Club. The organization provides a safe after-school location for children, as well as summer programs that focus on developing character and leadership, healthy lifestyles, and academics.

Today she remains an active board member and stands firmly behind the organization’s mission. She fills various committee roles, including human resources, Camel Races, and Capital Campaign Marketing. She has also given her time to being a Youth of the Year judge and helping raise funds for the organization’s special events.

“When I joined the board, I had no idea of the impact the Boys & Girls Club has every day,” she said. “I couldn’t have imagined still being involved eight years later. It’s such a rewarding experience!”

The realization of her impact continues to come in many forms: the excitement of children who see her around town, the gratitude of their parents, and the indescribable emotion after seeing children laughing and playing together with toys she was able to provide.

“Just knowing that my contributions have made a difference to at least one child is more than enough for me to keep doing what I’m doing,” said Julie.

In her community, she gives herself to helping others. As a customer service manager for PREMIER, Julie has given 18 years to helping clients with financial issues. Both on and off the clock, she’s committed to making an impact.

“I have been very blessed in my career at PREMIER, and am fortunate to work for a company that encourages employees to volunteer time and talents in their communities,” she said. “Even the smallest time commitment from one person can make a difference. There are so many opportunities to get involved—you just need to reach out!”

One of PREMIER’s core beliefs is community impact through volunteering. We’re both inspired and humbled by the hundreds of employees who have taken their time to make a difference for others. Learn more about our service.

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