goodwill letter requests
Credit Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

Goodwill Letter Requests to First PREMIER Bank

March 20, 2013

A credit report is a record of a person’s credit history including loans, outstanding balances, and payment histories. This report is used by businesses and lenders to make informed decisions about extending credit.

Cardholders sometimes send goodwill letters asking for the removal of negative (but accurate) information from their credit report. Goodwill letters are often suggested on consumer credit forums as a way for consumers to clean up their credit reports. Although we truly empathize with past hardship situations where past payments were missed or late, we do not remove accurate information from a credit report, either as an act of goodwill or in exchange for payment.

We are legally bound by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires financial institutions to report accurate data. This is to protect the integrity of the credit reporting system and ensure proper record of customer performance.

Since 1989, our primary purpose has been to provide individuals with damaged credit histories an avenue to obtain credit through the use of a credit card to help them demonstrate positive financial patterns. We remain committed to helping individuals receive the opportunity to move forward with their credit.

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