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Smart appliances by room

August 25, 2020

Smart appliances are becoming more popular, but many people are unsure which appliances are good investments. Whether it’s an upgrade to the doorbell or the classic “clap” lights, several new smart appliances are available on the market. Let’s look at some of these appliances and their features to find out what benefits you and your wallet!


Starting at the entryway, the popular smart doorbell not only lets you to see who is standing outside your home, but also allows you to talk to your visitors. With this smart appliance you can inform a neighbor you can’t come to the door or instruct the UPS delivery worker where to leave your package. The smart doorbell offers all the functions of a doorbell, plus a movable security camera, so you can save big on expensive outdoor surveillance cameras.

Living Room

A streaming set-top box gives you access to the internet and all your subscriptions such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Having full access to these networks means you can watch hundreds of television shows and movies from one streaming set-top box. In many homes, you will find this smart appliance replacing a monthly cable subscription.

Any Room

As for the entire house, a smart thermostat no longer requires you to change your home’s temperature settings throughout the day, as you can set a daily schedule in a few taps. Some models can also learn your habits and self-adjusts to help you save on your monthly utility bill fees.

Smart bulbs can also help save on utility fees as turning a light off is as simple as flipping a switch on your phone from inside the house or even from the mall. Not only are smart bulbs cost-effective, they are convenient and user friendly, making them a great starting place when updating your home with smart appliances.

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