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Credit Reporting Importance of Credit

Who Looks at Your Credit Report?

September 29, 2016

Your credit report shows a summary of your credit history. It shows whom you owe money to and the amount, your payment history, property you rent, and more. This information contained on a credit report also determines your credit score. Who pulls my credit report? Life is full of scenarios that may require your credit report—and it’s not just when you need a credit card or loan from the bank. It’s important to maintain good credit history or work to improve your credit for many reasons.

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credit card
Frequently Asked Questions Importance of Credit

How to Be a Responsible Credit Card Holder

September 9, 2016

Getting a credit card for the first time can be exciting and nerve-racking. You may have questions like: Should I pay the minimum balance on the statement, or the entire balance? What happens if I miss a payment? What is APR anyway? How does my credit card use impact my credit score? You likely have many questions our team members have heard before from other customers when they first received their credit cards. That’s why we decided to create this handy guide for first-time credit card holders. Become a smarter credit card user! Read important information you need to know about your new credit card.

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Sioux Empire Airshow
Investing in Our Community

PREMIER Helps Bring Airshow to City

August 8, 2016

On a hot summer weekend in July, the Sioux Falls Airshow, Power on the Prairie 2016 drew more than 150,000 people to explore the wonders of the ground and sky. As the “ACE” sponsor for the event, First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard helped to make it a free event to the entire hometown community to get up close and personal with the aircraft and watch pilots perform stunts directly overhead.

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chip card
Identity Theft and Fraud

What the EMV Chip Card Means for You

July 27, 2016

The days of swiping your card in the checkout line may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to EMV chip-enabled credit and debit cards. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies responsible for bringing chip-technology standards to the market. If you have a chip-enabled card, you’ll see a visible microchip on it. First PREMIER Bank credit card customers started receiving chip-enabled cards in April 2014. All credit card customers will have a chip-enabled credit card by August 2016. So what does this mean for you?

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